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It is that simple. We provide oil and gas royalty owner data to institutions and independent investors alike in their quest to buy royalties. It doesn’t matter if your acquisition budget is $10,000 per year or $100,000,000 per year, we can help you with your program. We’ve been doing it for over a decade, we’ve gotten good at it. Let us help you.

You Have to Find Royalty Owners Ready to Sell

When buying oil royalties, it all boils down to the hard grind of finding acquisition targets. Here at Blackbeard Data, we’ve spent a decade building the world’s largest database of oil and gas royalty owners in the world to provide you with lots of acquisition targets to approach.

Huge Market Opportunity

Oil Royalties monetize from oil wells

Our database has over 5 million records totaling US$128 Billion in oil assets.  If only 1% of royalty owners wishes to sell each year, that is still US$1.28 billion. You will find your acquisition targets in that group! You just have to filter.  Let us provide you with the data and know how.

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Sample data of LOD

Want to see our data up close?  Go ahead and download this sample dataset.

Download our HBP mineral owner data which we call LOD (Lease Ownership Data).


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    A great help!

    Daniel G in Houston, TX

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    Any investment should start with due diligence. For those not familiar with oil and gas, we recommend a few books.

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