A note from the CEO-

These are unusual times. Filled with oil crashes, an anti-science president, and a dire plague. A real bad mix made worse that it had to be. As responsible citizens, our role is to hunker down, isolate and let Covid-19 burn out.

I’ve been present in smaller epidemics, and helpless, this time we have a data team and the resolve to not stand by idly while the world burns. Having some experience in epidemiological forecasting, I’ve led a team to build a web application that will forecast when the Covid wave will hit hospitals, how many beds they will need, and when the peak will be.  We call it the COBE tool. (Covid Bed Estimator)

Such a tool is quite useful in countries that don’t have the CDC resources the US has. From Botswana to Boston, Capetown to Casablanca, it will give hospital administrators, politicians, and the media a good understanding of what is coming.

Our app is hosted at: https://blackbeard-data.shinyapps.io/Covid_Hospital_Beds_18MAR/

Good luck, stay safe!

Notes as of 28MAR20:

CFR is converging on 1.1% fatality. Ro is estimated at 2.4-2.8

Blackbeard Data Fighting Covid 19
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