Blackbeard Data is available inside Global Mapper

Introducing Global Mapper Premium Oil and Gas Data from Blackbeard Data

Blackbeard Data Services is proud to offer its high-quality and unique oilfield data sets directly to users of Blue Marble’s Global Mapper GIS software. Integrated into Global Mapper’s Online Sources menu, this premium content is available in both vector and raster streams. Maintained and served by Blackbeard Data, the following data sets are currently available:

  • Held-by-Production Polygons: high-quality leased state, federal and fee acreage in nearly a dozen states. Includes held-by-production acreage exclusive to Blackbeard.
  • Well locations: Nearly four million current and historical oil and gas well surface locations throughout the United States, complete with basic well header information. Also available: improved locations for more than one million wells, more accurate than any other publicly-available well data source.
  • Nationwide pipelines: More than one million miles of oil and gas infrastructure.

To discuss with someone how Blackbeard’s Premium Oil and Gas data can work for you, drop us a line at 800 762 3057 or shoot us a message: