Global Mapper is a powerful visualization tool.  In the area of Oil and Gas, we have some critical layers for you:

Wellspots – Reported location from the States

Corrected Wellspots – Locations BBD has used satellite imagery to confirm the real world location. (Effectively Ground Truthed)

Production Units & HBP polygons – The bounds of currently active producing units and leases.  Updated monthly.

Nationwide Pipelines – Comprised of Interstate transmission pipelines, gathering lines, and distribution lines. Updated monthly.

Enhanced LOD (Lease Ownership Database) – Polygons containing the list of the royalty, overriding royalty, and working interest owners of record for producing leases in Texas and Kansas. Note that working interest ownership is often hidden under the umbrella of the producer.  For more about LOD see the LOD page.

Each of these layers is available individually, or as a bundled set. Please call 800 762 3057 and ask about any of the data layers, or deeper explanation of what they are, and pricing.   For Sales, call us at 800 762 3057