Landhelper™ is a tool that will take Section-Township-Range (STR) legal descriptions aka Aliquots and convert them into polygons.  This tool comes as either a web-based interface with it’s own website, or as an API call.

The output of Landhelper™ is either a shapefile or a geojson. Also, you will get a logfile.

Landhelper draws polygons for oil and gas units based on Aliquots

Use case #1:  You have a spreadsheet of 1000 leases with STR legal descriptions. You go to our website, and upload the spreadsheet.  It outputs your shapes (perhaps 960) and tells you 40 were not map-able.  The logfile will tell you which leases we were unable to draw.

Use case #2: Your company uses software to manage leases, as new leases come in you’d like them to be drawn. You use our API to send the STR legal descriptions to us, and get back your shape by geojson to cleanly import back in your new shape.

The novel part of Landhelper™, is we can draw the shape to whatever grid you have.  Almost all grid licenses allow for 3rd parties to do work for you with your grid. As long as you have a license that permits such work, we can draw to your grid, whether it is BLM, Whitestar, Tobin, or anyone else.

Landhelper™ will be available July 1, 2019.  $2/shape, or buy an unlimited subscription.  Call us at 800 762 3057 for details.