We’ll be frank, the Texas Railroad Commission has crappy data.  Their wellspots are off by an average of 158′ based on recent studies.

Blackbeard Data developed a complex computer algorithm for another project when one of our programmers said, “Hey, I bet that can  geo correct wellspots, too!”  And so we tried it out, and it worked marvellously.

Essentially a blend of Artificial Intelligence, human oversight, GIS instinct and a dash of Awesome Sauce.  The end result, we can pour thousands of wellspots a week into our black box, stir in some GIS techs,  and out comes corrected wellspots compete with information on what aerial imagery we used, the projection of the imagery, our confidence grade, and the new latitude and longitude of the wellspot.  Each and every wellspot is visually confirmed by humans with overlaid aerial imagery, a subset of these are seen a second time by humans to confirm atypical areas.

While we don’t discuss our method and workflow beyond this page, we are more than happy to talk with you about how we can meet your needs, the speed we can do it in, and the quality.

Often the reported states wellspot locations are off my hundreds of feet, in many cases, thousands.
Often the reported states wellspot locations are off my hundreds of feet, in many cases, thousands.


Correction map of wells in the US

The median distance error of well locations in the US. Median is preferred to mean for this study.

The nature of errors found in wellspots can be outlined here:

Class 1 : Major typos in Lat/Long: Someone forgot to put the “-” sign in front of the Latitude. This can throw wells off by thousands of miles.

Class 2: Typical transposition typos: Someone typed 98.452 instead of 98.542. This throws wells of by hundreds to a few miles.

Class 3: The well wasn’t drilled where it was supposed to be drilled. This happens alot. The week they were supposed to make the drill pad,  they discover the location underwater. So they move uphill and make the pad there. The oil commission is never told of the change, and no one seems to care.

Class 4: Repeat garbage. Someone who is filling wells, just copies the same lat/long for a well in the drilling program and reuses it. Most oil commissions have no punitive measures to punish operators who do this.


Wellspot pricing
1-500 wells         – $6.25 per well
500-2500           – $5.50 per well
2,500 – 10,000 – $3.75 per well
10,000 – 50,000  – call