We have nationwide wellspot locations for both the US & Canada. These locations are mainly derived from state regulatory agencies, with a small subset coming from legal documents and Blackbeard Data’s internal research.

Corrected vs Uncorrected Wellspots

We have also done some corrections to the wellspots so we have created two separate products:

Uncorrected Wellspots – Just the raw data from state agencies plus some minor data cleaning. This is our standard wellspot dataset.  Some of these wellspots have bottomhole locations.

Corrected Wellspots – A large portion of wellspots have been corrected in this set using aerial imagery, human eyes,  and some AI.  Corrected via our proprietary TOM software that has corrected more than a million wells.  This is our premium wellspot dataset.  Bottom hole locations are merely shifted when the top hole location changes.  ie. If the uncorrected well has a bottom hole location 500 feet South of the top hole, when the top hole is corrected, the bottom hole will also shift to be 500 feet south of the top hole.

Current Coverage

Nationwide Wellspots locations excluding AK