With the collapse of oil prices, comes an opportunity for mineral and royalty buyers. Not just your average run-of-the-mill opportunity, but an extraordinary one. This unusual time has brought financial stress to many households. With little warning, many royalty owners were caught flatfooted, without much reserves and now trapped in their homes. Unable to work, many are getting behind on bills.

In these dark times, a win – win emerges where royalty buyers can help convert illiquid mineral rights into cash for those who have stumbled into hard times. The mineral owners get cash to help their families and the buyers get minerals at a discounted price.

However, time is of the essence as we, at Blackbeard Data, think that oil will not stay under $30 for long. We predicted a week ago that the Saudi-Russia spat would end within a few months and prices would rapidly rise at least to the mid $30s. Already there is co-operation amongst OPEC+ and other countries to do production cuts. We believe the window for great prices is going to close within 2 months. So if you have been an active buyer of minerals in the past, our recommendation is to move fast in the next few weeks.

Golden Window For Buying Oil Royalties During Covid19