Our business is …what?

What is Blackbeard Data Services LLC is a skunkworks located in Austin, Texas. We specialize in attacking tough, complicated problems that have large financial bounties attached.  Such challenges are brought to us by large corporations that they are technically incapable of solving or politically constrained from attacking.  Usually, we do a proof-of-concept once we’ve solved an idea, then partner with a company to roll out the production level solution.   We currently are focused on geospatial data solutions and data mining aka knowledge discovery.

Corporate Culture

creating gis oil and gas data for industry
A bootstrapping tiger team is twice as likely to find an innovative solution than a well funded committee. Why? Brilliant people create brilliant things when there is no penalty for failure.

Our flat corporate culture embraces out-of-the-box innovation and disdains stiff shirts and pointless committees. We’ve created a culture where a 17-year-old clerk developed the biggest innovative idea at Blackbeard Data in 2008.  Every employee has a voice, and anyone with an idea will be heard.



Oil rights can bring great wealth. Someone should track such wealth, and Blackbeard Data is that someone.

Blackbeard Data is primarily known for providing information to assist institutional professionals and independent investors in the acquisition of mineral assets, specifically buying oil and gas royalties.  Blackbeard Data maintains the world’s largest database of oil and gas royalty owners. Further, it maintains the largest and most comprehensive held-by-production lease dataset.


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