1. What is the Lease Ownership Database?

We call it LOD for short.  LOD is a database of owners of oil and gas leases in Texas and Kansas. We are now acquiring in Arkansas as well. The owners could own the royalty, the overriding royalty, or the working interest. LOD is the world’s largest database of Oil & Gas properties in Texas. These properties represent all producing oil and gas leases up to January 1 of this year.

2. Where does Blackbeard Data get the data for LOD?

LOD is obtained by getting tax records from various state agencies throughout the year, then reverse engineering a division order. Further, we standardize all that data into a common format and put it in our database.

3. How often is LOD updated?

LOD is updated yearly for Texas and sporadically for Kansas.  Arkansas will be as requested. This update process starts in July and runs through September. We have to contact hundreds of county governments and sometimes they fight us and try to withhold data. Such fights are usually resolved by the Texas Attorney General’s office and the county government never wins. They do delay the data, sometimes.

4. How can I get the LOD?

Just call us at 800-762-3057. We will deliver the data via a CD or a digital file over the web. We sell it as you need it, whether you are starting out and need a single county, a 10-pack of counties, or all of Texas.

5. I want to buy Royalties, how can I use the LOD?

Many of our users are mineral buyers. They target a specific county, and then send out thousands of letters with an offer for the royalties. The average county response is around 0.3%. That means you send 1,000 letters and you will get 3 calls. Of those calls, hope to close half of them. You will improve your closure rate if you expedite everything. FedEx the deed to them, and call them the day after they are to receive the FedEx document. Then call again 3 days later to see if they have new objections and to resolve their objections.

6. Can I see a sample of the LOD?

Sure. You can have a look at the data here LOD-Sample

It should give you an excellent idea of the type of data you will be working with and how simple it will be to use.

7. What do the LOD data fields mean?

You can download with a full explanation of each field in our LOD here Key



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