Estimated LeaseHold (Held-By-Production) – 

Proud to announce the broadest coverage in the industry! Polygons of HBP lease boundaries for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, and a little bit of South Dakota.

Let us be clear, this data entails the leases and units of currently producing *active* leases. We have over a hundred thousand units/production leases at this point, we expect to add 4 new states in 2020.  Our final polygons represent the best known extent of the units. Some may be the initial drilling units, some are the secret final boundaries after farms outs have happened or acreage reverted back to the royalty owner after the E&P company failed to drill more wells.  It is a tough nut to crack, and we can save you great amounts of grief trying to build out your acreage maps.   Lets be clear on one thing, it is *not* Primary Term Leases aka leases that were signed last week on 640 acres on Uncle Buck’s farm.

Nationwide Wellspots –

Offering both corrected and uncorrected locations of active and inactive wells in the US and Canada.  Uncorrected wellspots are taken from State reported (and often wrong) locations.  Our premium wellspot file, the Corrected Wellspots, are wellspots which we have used satellite and aerial imagery to identify and correct the wells using a hybrid force of both humans and AI. We boast the highest accuracy in the industry, and we are not modest about it.

Scored Acreage™ –

Scored Acreage ™ from Blackbeard Data is simply assigning a score to every square kilometer in a basin. The score goes from an “A+” (best) to a “D” (worst) and indicates which areas in basins are the most desirable and likely to produce the highest reserves.

Wellspot Correction Software TOM™ –

In order to make the highest accuracy wellspots in the industry, we had to build our own wellspot correction software called TOM.  Since we already have it built, we offer wellspot correction as a service to anyone who wants to get their own wells corrected. In any country, our only requirement is they have to be on Earth. (We have to draw the line somewhere. So far we’ve done wells in 3 continents.)

Lease Ownership Data (LOD)-

LOD is a database composed of producing mineral rights owners. This also includes royalty, override, and working interest owners of oil & gas properties. For each individual Oil and Gas property listed the following information is available: Owner Name, Owner Address, Operator, Lease, Interest, Type of Interest, Value, Legal Description, etc.  We’ve even classified the lease owner ie. Corporate, Individual, Educational Institution, Church, etc.

We cover over 215 counties in Texas as well as select Kansas and Arkansas counties.  This is effectively 99% of Texas, so if you need it, we have it. Our database consists of over 5,600,000 records and covers over $100 Billion in assets.

  • Easily find Royalty, Override, and Working Interest owners of any Texas oil & gas lease
  • Asset Search needed? You can locate oil & gas assets by owner name
  • This is the tool you need to find the working interest of any operator
  • Data comes in Microsoft Access Format and has pre written queries to search it
  • Easy to use

LOD Value Insights –

An Add on for LOD that gives a better picture of the valuation profile of each mineral parcel.

  • Valuation of parcel using adjustment to the initial county valuation based on oil price, lease attributes, and other inputs
  • Appended acreage of the lease from external sources
  • Count of wells in the lease
  • Ratio of Acres per well. This gives a metric for the upside potential of in-fill drilling on the lease. If the density of wells is so high, then the well spacing rules will prevent more wells from being drilled.
  • Reserves in BOE of lease. Computed from decline curve software. All Texas wells grouped by lease and summed.
  • Net Reserves in BOE for each mineral parcel
  • Value of Net Reserves
  • Valuation crafted by Blackbeard by ensembling all 3 valuation metrics. Using weighted modelling to create our best estimate of the parcel value.

Landhelper -AutoGenerated Polygons for Units and Leases –

We have a tool to autogenerate polygons from STR legal descriptions. The unique feature is that it can draw polygons based on any grid – Whitestar, BLM, Tobin, etc.   You can feed it either a spreadsheet, or code it into an in-house app using our API.

Nationwide Pipelines –

We have gathering, distribution, and and transmission pipeline data for all of the US.