Royalties are an Offshoot of Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights are conveyed by a Mineral Deed

When you buy an oil or gas royalty, you really are wanting to buy the mineral rights that convey with it the oil and gas royalties. You will need to have the former owner sign a mineral deed to convey the rights to you. If you can’t buy the mineral rights, you may have to settle with a royalty deed. A royalty deed, conveys royalty only and excludes the right to the mineral or to any future bonus payment.

Just like selling a house, a mineral has to be conveyed to the new owner with a deed and filed at the courthouse.  Texas requires that all mineral and land transactions be done in writing, and those need to filed at the courthouse in the county WHERE THE MINERALS ARE LOCATED.

Filing fees will be a few dollars per page, and it make take a few weeks for the paperwork to clear. Next, contact the oil and gas operator with your mineral deed copy to start the process of getting the royalty checks sent to you. This may take several months. Three months is the average.