For Land Departments who want to know “What part of  the basin is the best?” That can now be discovered quickly Scored Acreage™. Oil and gas companies desperately need to identify the sweet spots for optimally drilling reservoirs, leasing land, or targeting acquisitions. A phenomenal amount of time and resources are sunk into understanding reservoir characteristics. A&D teams also want to know which companies own what areas in a basin and how good those areas are. Used best in tandem with our Estimated Leasehold™ to see what companies own leases in that part of the basin.

Scored Acreage ™ from Blackbeard Data is simply assigning a score to every square kilometer in basins. The score goes from an “A+” (best) to a “D” (worst) and indicates which areas in basins are the most desirable and likely to produce the highest reserves/EUR. The scores follow a familiar 10 level pattern : A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D

Scored Acreage™ in the Eagleford Shale

The scores are consistently relative throughout the state. So a “B+” in the Hainesville Shale is better than a “B” in the Delaware Basin or a “C” in the Permian.

How the score is generated involves some complex math and many inputs from our proprietary data. Essentially, it can be described as a age-weighted EUR per square kilometer. We will be publishing a white paper on it soon. Synopsis is that each well in the basin has a decline curve run on it, generating estimated ultimate oil/gas recovery (EUR). Those EUR numbers are adjusted for well age and then assigned to leases, unitized on a per area basis, then interpolated, validated, and binned into 10 bin groups that become the score. Any scores beyond 1.5 km from a producing lease are pushed to zero to avoid speculative grades.

Coverage will be the same as our Estimated Leasehold, as Estimated Leasehold data is one of the critical data inputs. So TX, OK, NM, MT, WY, ND, SD, NY, MI, PA, NY, AR.

Update cycle is currently per quarter. Faster updates are possible but not warranted at this time.

Available by State, County, or  Basin

To inquire about Scored Acreage™, please call 800 762 3057 and ask for our sample data.