Mapping the complexity of lease and unit boundaries is notoriously difficult. Farm outs, expired leases, shut-ins, and the fog of oil and gas secrecy cause epic problems in finding out true HBP boundaries.  Ever sent landmen to try to lease up land that was already leased? You aren’t alone, and it is costing you money. Lots of it.

Typical HPB leases in Upton county
Typical leases in Upton county

Blackbeard Data, has created a high-quality polygon layer of estimated leasehold oil and gas lease boundaries of producing leases. This layer saves oil and gas exploration companies money, and importantly, time. A strong leasehold polygon layer rapidly shows where leases are already locked up in developing plays. It is a must-have tool for every land department.

Poor substitutes in use

Typically, the best a land department can do is a poor approximation using the so-called poor man’s HBP layer. Made by intersecting wellspot locations and parcel data, this method provides a rough and wrong layer, crippled by bad input data and flawed assumptions.  How much time and money does this method cost land departments?  Quite a bit, if your company does it, try putting pencil to paper and put a figure on the financial cost. You will be shocked.

Zoom in of leases in Upton County, TX
Zoom in of leases in Upton County, TX. Wellspots added for clarity.

Human and Machine resolved

Some of our polygons are from open sources, validated by the operator and given to us.  Some of our polygons are pulled straight from plats and entered by human, and some polygons are drawn using AI.

To explain our AI process on the portion of leases drawn by machine:  Our estimated leasehold polygons are a significant advancement over previous models. Computationally generated using up to 17 different datasets, our process uses Bayesian heuristics for initial quality screenings, then iterates the process again to improve the fitting. Ultimately, it generates high-confidence lease boundary polygons. To guaranty quality, potential problems are flagged for human research and verification. At this time, 60% are human validated, 20% are left to the AI, and the rest are best efforts matched. Leases sometimes will be provided directly to us by operators to supplement the final product.

To better understand how our we create this data, you can find it explained in our Estimated Lease Hold white paper here.


Updates and Coverage

Timeliness is important. Our algorithms and workflow permit us to update every 4 weeks.Leasehold acreage available Winter 2019-2020

Texas is such a problematic state with metes and bounds, we will be adding new unit boundaries weekly.

HBP polygon data isn’t just geospatial, it also will include the lease name, Lease ID #, and other lease info typical of that state.

Call for pricing

For yearly subscription prices to this dataset, please contact our VP of sales, Adam Cordova, at 720-226-6987. For technical questions, please contact Nik Freeman at 800-762-3057.

License information: Essentially a basic subscription license. If you subscribe for a year then do not renew and expire, you must delete the data.