What is LOD (Lease Ownership Data)?

LOD is a database composed of royalty, override, and working interest owners of oil & gas properties. These oil & gas properties are HBP (Held By Production) leases.

Generally the royalty owners own the mineral rights. For each individual Oil and Gas property listed the following information is available: Owner Name, Owner Address, Operator, Lease, Interest, Type of Interest, Value, Legal Description, etc.

To give you an extra advantage we have added latitude and longitude information for some leases, along with an adjusted appraisal value, extra lease acreage information and well density!

For lease shape polygons see our Estimated Leasehold product.

Sample the data!

We have mineral right owners in over 215 counties in Texas and select Kansas and Arkansas counties.

This is effectively 99% of Texas, so if you need it, we have it. Our database consists of over 5,600,000 records.

  • Easily find Royalty, Override, and Working Interest owners of any Texas oil & gas lease
  • Asset Search needed? You can locate oil & gas assets by owner name
  • This is the tool you need to find the working interest of any operator
  • Data comes in Microsoft Access Format and has pre-written queries to search it
  • Easy to use


LOD FAQ – for questions about LOD

Who Uses Blackbeard Data?

  • Investors with the intent to purchase Mineral Rights
  • Landmen use it as point of departure work when running title
  • Oil and gas lease owners use it to find neighboring ownership
  • Companies in the oil and gas industry use it to find Royalty and Working Interest in AOIs

Blackbeard Data maintains the world’s largest database of O&G property owners. This includes the Royalty, Override, and some Working Interest owners. Our database now spans Texas and Kansas. The data is sold to suit your needs, whether you need a single county, a 10 county block, or the entire state of Texas.

Call 1-800-762-3057 for sales or technical questions.

email us at bartinfo@blackbearddata.com.

We cover all of Texas and much of Kansas & Arkansas!