Field Name Description Value Key
bbdleaseno Lease identifier combining commodity, lease number, and RRC district
commodity One-letter code identifying the commodity of the lease. O=oil and G=gas
rrcleaseno Tracking number assigned to the lease by the RRC
gloleaseno Tracking number assigned by the GLO, for leases where the state has an interest
utleaseno Tracking number assigned by University Lands for Permanent University Fund leases
leasename Name of the lease as filed with the Railroad Commission
operator Operator of the lease
fieldname The lease’s production field
fieldno Numeric code for the field the lease produces from
gaswellno Number assigned to the Gas well
county Three-character code designating the county where the lease is found
rrcdist The RRC district where the lease is found
expired Indicator of whether the lease has expired 1=expired
lastactive The year and month the lease was last in effect
acrereport Lease or unit acres as reported by the state
firstwell Earliest known well date in lease
newestwell Most recent known well date in lease
wellcount Number of known wells in the lease
activcount Number of known wells not plugged
pooled Indicates whether the lease is pooled
shapeacres The measured acres of the generated shape
basegrid The geometry used to derive the shape
score Score reflecting our appraisal of the accuracy of the shape High, medium, or unknown
uid,lmid,lxid,ldid Internal id numbers used by Blackbeard Data